Welcome to the world of Archon, the first true lifestyle brand developed for the changing image of today's Gamer. We recognize that gaming has evolved, and Archon has been started with the mission to expand the identity of the gamer. 

Conceived in 2009, established in 2010, Archon is far more than a lifestyle brand.  Archon is a call to re-think what defines Gamers of all styles, passion and gameplay.  The Gamer has evolved and it's time we stepped up and showed the strength of our numbers and the diversity of our players.  We are no longer isolated Gamers.  Today, gamers are everywhere shaping the world in different ways.  We are massive online communities, competing, interacting and growing all the time.  We are more than just players, skaters, business people, athletes, students or soldiers, and we may live in California, Korea, Australia or Europe, but together . . . we are all Archons.

Archon is about promoting the Gaming community, growing the identity of the gamer and the evolution of eSports.  We are passionate about our games, but Archon also realizes the growing profession of eSports and the place it will take among professional sports worldwide.  We will facilitate the growth of eSports through the sponsorship of our own professional team and the partnerships we develop with industry developers and professionals. 

Archon at its core is based on our passion for gaming, in all its forms, and our commitment to community.  Archon is the definition of a lifestyle.  More than just gaming, it’s a way of life, an attitude of how we live each day.  Honor, strength, support, community.  These are what define Archon.  Over time we will grow our brand through the gaming culture and all it embraces.  

Bringing a style and design to gaming like no one has before – we have created something that gamers of all walks can unite behind.   


This is our Evolution!  Join the Legion!