HALO 4 Lauch as told by Red vs. Blue. Let the countdown clocks commence.

By Archon Prime

Master Chief Halo 4

If you haven’t heard yet, “across the pond” in London it was announced today that the latest installment into the Halo universe “Halo 4″ will be launching worldwide on November 6, 2012.  Check out the video by the team at Rooster Teeth and the Spartans of Red vs. Blue below.

This launch will mark 2 important milestones for Halo fans: 1) Fans will finally get to step back into the Mjolnir Armor of the Master Chief himself, which has not happened since 2007 and the release of Halo 3 and 2) this will be the first chapter in the Halo Universe where the control has been passed from is founders at Bungie to the developers at 343 Industries.  How will the new studio handle the Halo franchise?  Well, we only have a few months left to find out.  We’ll bring more details on this latest Halo story as they become available, but until then what are your thoughts on the about 343 Industries taking over?  Will they do right by the Master Chief?


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